Provisional COVID19 Studio Guidelines


1.  We will be limiting the number of participants per each class (25% capacity).  Participants will now be required to reserve a spot to attend a class (no more walk-ins). Your guests must also have a reservation! We will be using a new scheduling software for those reservations as well, and it will be on our website and social media pages. No more signing in at the front desk required.

2. Scheduling Time Window: All Classes (except Sunrise Classes) allow you up to one hour before a class begins to either reserve your spot(s) or cancel your spot(s). Failing to cancel a class if you can’t attend, is taking a spot from someone else who might be on the wait-list to attend.... so please be mindful.  Exception:  Sunrise Classes (5:30am & 6am) have an 8 hour time window to reserve and/or cancel a class before it is scheduled to begin.

3. We will continue to offer virtual options for some of our classes/times, along with our virtual class specific pass. In-Studio Passes and Virtual Passes will NOT be interchangeable. You will need one or the other, or both unless you have an Unlimited Access Pass (1 Month, 3 Month, 6 Month or Annual).

4. We prefer that you purchase all passes or single classes online rather than in the studio, as a courtesy to the staff and as an additional precautionary measure to help mitigate the potential spread of COVID19.  We will always let you know when you are low on classes or out of classes by sending you a "reminder to renew" text or email.

5. We will continue to spray down common areas and keep the studio space squeaky clean.  The water dispenser is off limits (please bring your own water).  And, we will refrain from using any studio props during practice, so feel free to bring your own.

6. Hand sanitizer will be and has always been a must at our studio.

7. Your mats will be physically distanced during all classes & events.  And every class - whether daytime or evening - will have 30 minutes between to allow people space and time to transition in and out of the studio, and to avoid as much congregation in the front office, as possible.

8. We will be offering a virtual option for teacher training this Fall/Winter, along with in-studio training.

9. Workshops & Events will also either be virtual or have virtual options.

10. We will no longer have community yoga mats. Members/Guests must bring their own.  You may bring your own props for class, as well.

11. Shoes must be taken off in the lobby prior to entering the studio space, and hand walked to the cubbies. The same applies to exiting the studio space... please put your shoes back on in the lobby.  Cubbies will be used to store only shoes.

12. Classes with only one 1 participant/reservation will be canceled, and the attendee will be notified of that cancellation within an hour before that class was scheduled to begin.

13.  Masks are mandatory upon entering and exiting the studio, and may be temporarily removed once you are seated on your mat, and ready to begin practice. Masks must be replaced upon conclusion of the class.  Temperature checks are also mandatory, and will be conducted upon entrance to the studio.  Anyone with a temperature of 100.4 or greater, will not be permitted to attend class.

14.  Please be mindful to bring only essential/minimal personal belongings with you into the studio - mats, keys, wallets, glasses, face masks, etc.  Everyone will be given a clear zip lock bag to store your personal items during practice.

15.  If you are brand new to the studio, please check in at the front desk prior to participating in your first class.

16.  Finally... If you are feeling ill, or anyone in your home is feeling ill, please stay at home and maybe try to join us for a virtual class instead.

Health Protocols

If you have any of the following signs or symptoms of possible COVID19:

  1. Cough

  2. Shortness of Breath or Difficulty Breathing

  3. Chills

  4. Repeated Shaking with Chills

  5. Muscle Pain, Weakness or Fatigue

  6. Headaches

  7. Sore Throat

  8. Loss of Taste or Smell

  9. Diarrhea

  10. Feeling Feverish or a measured temperature greater than or equal to 100 degrees

  11. Known close contact with a person who is lab confirmed to have COVID19

Please do not attend In-Studio classes - Self quarantine for at least 14 days, and get tested if you think you might have contracted COVID19, especially if your symptoms worsen.