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This is a weekly yoga class for cyclist, runners and Tri-Athletes held at Total Harmony Yoga. This is a donation based yoga class which requires you to donate $20 for 4 classes. Once you complete your 4 classes you can continue donate for the same amount of classes at the same $20 dollar donation. Your donation helps support the purchase of bikes, bike equipment and other related sporting gear for children in need in and around the San Antonio and Austin area. As a cyclists, runners and athletes, we all need to focus on leg strength. Many of the poses we do in Yoga will target the legs continuing to provide you with a strong foundation. Additionally, as athletes we need to focus on flexibility and lower back strength! In whatever sport we are engaged in, our body has the tendency to take it's form which can lead to stress and stress related injuries, in particular one's hip flexors. Many of the poses we do will target the hip flexors and the lower back allowing the body to open up to get that full range of motion. Lastly, one's regular practice of yoga keeps you focused using your deep steady breath, that will allow you to work aerobically. Training one's muscles aerobically and learning how to control your breathing are two very important aspects of training for any type of endurance sport. This class will be conducted for all levels and taught at the beginner stage.

  • Date: 02-19-2020 08:15 PM - 02-19-2020 09:15 PM
  • Location: 555 West Bitters Rd., #105, San Antonio, Texas 78216 (Map)

Price: $20