Contemporary (Modern) Ayurveda Wellness Consulting & Coaching

Contemporary (Modern) Ayurveda Wellness Consulting & Coaching

Ayurveda means "the knowledge of life and longevity".  It's an integrative holistic wellness system that views health through an all-encompassing lens - looking at the body-mind-spirit in relationship to nature.

Contemporary Ayurveda is a modern approach that embraces the most beneficial and salient aspects of Ancient Ayurveda, while letting go of other recommendations that were more relevant in ancient India than they are today.

The greatest lesson you can learn from Ayurveda is to listen to your intuition and see that your body is a reflection of your nature.

Ayurveda Initial Consultation - $50.00


Your first Ayurveda Consultation is a 60 minute tele-health (virtual) appointment involving an assessment of your Ayurvedic constitution and your state of digestion. The goal of your visit will determine the outcome, but we will definitely be asking you about the foods you are eating, your daily routine, and your history, both physical and emotional. Every piece of your life fits together to contribute to your overall health and we need to see where you are coming from before we can help you get to where you want to go. Ayurveda treats YOU, not your illness. Your illness isn’t you, it is something your body has created in an attempt to correct an imbalance. The real question is, what are you giving your body to work with? Where is the breakdown happening? The thing that makes Ayurveda such an effective solution to evasive or chronic problems is that your unique life is the blueprint; it is where the problem began and over time, where it will end. Your joy with your life is such a large part of your heath; we won't tell you to stop eating all of the foods you enjoy, but we may ask you to approach them in a different way. We won't tell you to stop running if you love to run, but we may ask you to try running at a different time of day.

When we complete your initial consultation we will compile a list of "Healthy Tips" specific to your constitution. These tips may include modifications to your daily routine, some guidance on how to better your relationship with your food and any other recommendations: exercises to do, herbs to take, spices to use, or maybe even a session of detoxifying and balancing body work, etc.

Ayurveda Wellness Follow-Up Sessions - $30.00

Follow-Up tele-health (virtual) appointments are shorter than the Initial Consultation, about 30-45 minutes. We will generally give you a time frame of when to check back in with us to see how you are doing with your Ayurvedic recommendations. If you have been asked to do a specific regimen of body work/cleansing we would like to see you again around two weeks after completion of that regimen. If you have been given spices or herbs (Dosha specific or season specific, etc.) to take or use, let us know when they run out, so we can replenish them for you. If you are in a place where you are maintaining balance we recommend you make an appointment for a follow up every few months (recommended every 3 months - seasonally) or any time you feel you are struggling with motivation or if you feel the season is getting the best of you (allergies or bugs going around).

Meal Plans & Catering

Are you vegan or thinking about transitioning to vegan?  We are here to help!

All menu creations are Ayurveda inspired and Tri-Dosha satisfying/pacifying. Our menu is seasonal, taking advantage of produce when it is at its best and in its prime, so menu options will change every three months. Each seasonal menu emphasizes wholesome foods and spices, to improve overall health, and to encourage mindful eating and a healthy relationship with food. When you live by the seasons, you benefit from natures healing balance, naturally and with ease, because each season has its own inherent balancing intelligence.

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We are not here to push a specific diet on you.  But regardless of what dietary theory you resonate yourself with, our nutrient dense recipes will help you incorporate more plants into your meals.