Welcome Spring!!  After the long winter, it can sometimes feel like a mad dash to the finish line when the first hints of spring stirs the atmosphere.  Our daily intentions can help provide us with the tools we need to be fully present and engaged as we shift seasons and open to new perspectives.  How we move, breathe, and what we fuel our bodies with can help us embrace this transitional time of year.

Our bodies are intuitively attuned with the earth's natural rhythm, as our inner universe is inherently harmonized with the universe that surrounds us.  Spring becomes a time of growth, renewal, new life, and cleansing... And when spring is in the air, we instinctively feel a longing to venture outside, eat lighter, and become more active. With promise of longer days and warmer weather, we yearn to slough off the heavy, insulating shell of winter and burst forth with renewed energy.

Spring can be a wonderful time to shift the focus of your intentions to match the changing season, attuning your body and spirit to the promise of new beginnings. Your intentions can then provide you the cleansing your body craves specifically to the time of year.  And the movement of the changing season itself, has the capacity to warm, awaken, and enliven the senses.  It's a time of freshness, as the earth begins to bring forth abundance, color, and nutrition.

Om Shanti

Sharon & Kevin Ballenger

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