Our 300 Hour Teacher Training Program is offered as an advanced study course, with a deeper set of skills and insights to bring into your teaching practice, and essential to your ongoing development as a professional yoga teacher.  Once completed, you will be eligible to apply to the Yoga Alliance at the RYT 500 level and will be able to facilitate (lead) our RYT 200 Teacher Training Program under our curriculum with continued guidance and support.  This is where you get to fill in the blanks.... as we encourage you to create your own signature components to the program, reflective of your specific philosophy and teaching style. Leading a teacher training program can be daunting and overwhelming, but our program is so well laid out, it takes all the stress and guesswork out of running a successful Yoga Teacher Training.

All of your program training sessions are conducted in both a semi private setting and group setting at our studio location, with weekly webcam conferencing if necessary. Webcam sessions are typically conducted in a one-on-one type setting, and are scheduled around your time/days of availability for your convenience.  Our program allows you to go at your own pace with a full year to complete the program (including any make-up sessions or temporary training delays).  Group sessions are run in accordance to and in conjunction with our on-going RYT 200 programming.  

We offer enrollment into our teacher training facilitator program twice a year - Spring/Summer & Winter/Fall, and an interview with director prior to enrollment is mandatory before you will be accepted (can be scheduled via webcam). Your completed registration form and deposit or payment in full will secure your spot, once you have been accepted into our program.

300 (500) RYT APPLICATION.pdf

What We Cover (but not limited to):

1.  Asana Technique & Teaching Methods Training

2.  Practical Yoga History & Philosophy Training

3.  Practical Yoga Anatomy & Subtle Energy Training

4.  Class Planning & Sequencing Training

5.  Teaching Pranayama Training

6.  Meditation Practices Training

7.  The Art of Observing & Relating Training

8.  Demonstrating & Cuing Training

9.  Class Observation Training

10.  Practice Teaching All Levels & Special Groups Training

11.  Lifestyle, Ethics & Yoga Business Practices Training


Additional Requirements Within Program Curriculum:

1.  Mentorship Teaching

2.  Apprenticing

3.  Independent Study